Membership Perks:
- 50% discount on all rides.
- 30% extra ride time, during weekdays only.
- As a member of X Park, You will be allowed to bring Your own vehicles to ride at the tracks of X Park
- Access to the X Park Garage for personal vehicle repair, maintenance, and an expert opinion/advice in the matter.
- Allowed to purchase spare parts for vehicles from X Park Garage, subject to their availability.
- Eligible to participate in all X Park Member Events conducted at the premises of X Park.
- You will be extended with Free Pass(es) to enter various X Park tournaments and events.

Membership forms are available at X Park or you can download it from

Documents Required:
- Completed Membership Form
- Passport size photos (2)
- CNIC Copy (Of guardian in case of minor)
- Membership Installment Package

Membership is now also available on Equal Monthly Installments (EMI). To utilize EMI package, kindly download and complete the EMI form and submit along with Membership Form. Download it from

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Aisha Zafar (21 Feb, 2012)

A very entertaining place

Monis Rahman (04 Jul, 2011)

This is one of the funnest places in Lahore to spend an evening. The high speed go-carts are thrilling and the more competitive people quickly realize that some cars are faster than others. There are mini ATV's (four wheelers) for kids and the staff is very helpful, escorting children under five themselves through the track. There is a snack bar with decent food to pass time while you wait for your turn on the race cars.

Only thing is getting there. Make sure you don't miss the turning off of Bedian Road, the map above should be very helpful.