Karting is considered the first step in any serious racer's career. It can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by helping develop quick reflexes, precision car control, and decision-making skills. In addition, it brings an awareness of the various parameters that can be altered to try to improve the competitiveness of the kart (examples being tire pressure, gearing, seat position, chassis stiffness) that also exist in other forms of motor racing.

X Park visitors will be offered to ride the go-karts on “Arrive and Drive” format. All equipment will be provided by X Park, which includes the go kart, helmets, gloves, and driver outfit, and visitors can race the karts on our uniquely designed track. This allows them to show up any time to race at a reasonable price, without the hassle and cost of owning one's own equipment and gear.


4-Stroke 196CC
500 PKR


Mini ATVs
While majority of the motorsport rides at X Park are geared towards adults from 16 years of age and above, children at X Park are also encouraged to take the initial step into motorsports with the introduction of Mini ATVs. Just like the ATVs, the Mini ATVs are four wheel bikes driven by an engine. The Mini ATVs are smaller in size and engine but pack the same amount of entertainment for the kids as the ATVs do for the adults. A separate track has been designed for children to ride the ATVs with all the humps, bumps, inclines, and declines one would want in a dirt track.


4-stroke 90cc Engine
250 PKR


ATV, short for All Terrain Vehicle, is a four-wheel motorcycle that is capable of traversing just about any terrain. ATVs, also known as quads, are powerful machines that can have the capability to launch off into the air on inclines. ATV racing is a very popular sport across America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

At X Park we have designed a beginner level dirt track on which riders can experience the thrill of riding an ATV. With the incorporation of various types of humps, bumps, inclines, and declines, people get a chance to experience a joy ride the like of which they experienced never before.


4-Stroke 125CC
400 PKR


Mini Moto
A mini moto, also called a pocket bike or pocket rocket, is a miniature motorcycle. They look like sport bikes and are used to race on purpose-built tracks. Though they are small in size having a height of less than 60cm, they pack a lot of power. With a 49cc engine, mini motos are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 40 km/h, and so are restricted by an age limit to ride them.

Just like go-karts, mini motos are also considered to be the stepping stone to a serious racing career.


2-stroke 49cc Engine
300 PKR

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Aisha Zafar (21 Feb, 2012)

A very entertaining place

Monis Rahman (04 Jul, 2011)

This is one of the funnest places in Lahore to spend an evening. The high speed go-carts are thrilling and the more competitive people quickly realize that some cars are faster than others. There are mini ATV's (four wheelers) for kids and the staff is very helpful, escorting children under five themselves through the track. There is a snack bar with decent food to pass time while you wait for your turn on the race cars.

Only thing is getting there. Make sure you don't miss the turning off of Bedian Road, the map above should be very helpful.