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If one was to describe X Park, the simplest explanation would be that X Park is an amusement park, a family entertainment center, the likes of which have never been seen before in the bright city of Lahore. The rides and entertainment activities at X Park have been developed to provide extreme and fun excitement in a clean and wholesome family environment for visitors of all ages.

The park features rides and activities for people of all ages to participate in, ranging from motorsport activities to children’s rides to amusement park rides. Our objective is to provide such entertainment activities which are being utilized the world over but have never been available in Lahore or Pakistan before, such as Mini Moto racing, Go Karting, ATV Motocross, Mini ATV Motocross, and many others.

But sX Park doesn’t just stop at being the most thrilling destination to visit in Lahore. X Park is also:

The pioneer in introducing a multiple array of sports to Pakistan

As a multitude of sports are introduced worldwide and grow in terms of participants and crowds, Pakistan lacks behind with not even the knowledge of the existence of these sports. X Park plans to change Pakistan’s backward situation with the introduction of variety of sports for people to participate in which include mini motos, go karts,pit bikes, and ATVs.

A club catering to enthusiasts of all ages in their various brands of sports

X Park will provide a common ground for all enthusiasts to practice, compare, and compete in with others. By attaining membership, members will get preferential treatment and will be allowed to bring their own vehicles onto the tracks at X Park to practice and race. As a promoter of the sports, the goal of X Park is to encourage personal growth of its club members.

A learning ground

As stated before, our goal at X Park is to encourage personal growth of its club members. To achieve this goal, X Park will provide classes to teach the skills and techniques of each sport. Regular events and competitions will also be held for the participants to master their own skills and techniques. Someday a member from X Park could be competing in an international arena such as Formula 1, Moto GP, Motocross, or Supercross.

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Aisha Zafar (21 Feb, 2012)

A very entertaining place

Monis Rahman (04 Jul, 2011)

This is one of the funnest places in Lahore to spend an evening. The high speed go-carts are thrilling and the more competitive people quickly realize that some cars are faster than others. There are mini ATV's (four wheelers) for kids and the staff is very helpful, escorting children under five themselves through the track. There is a snack bar with decent food to pass time while you wait for your turn on the race cars.

Only thing is getting there. Make sure you don't miss the turning off of Bedian Road, the map above should be very helpful.